Turbine Engine Package

Arneson Industries has developed a reliable proven package for Turbine engine applications.

A turbine engine alone will never power a boat reliably, it has to be part of a proven package of strong proven products that enable the Turbine engine to perform to its capabilities.

Arneson Industries has developed  gear reduction units that couple to the turbine engine which reliably handle the horse power, with out over heating, gear breakage or bearing problems that can plague a high horsepower turbine application.

We can couple the correct sized AI Surface Drive Unit to your Turbine Engine to make a reliable application.

Please call 415-485-0788 for more information about AI Surface Drives Turbine applications.

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What Arneson Industries Can Do For You
Reliability, Very few moving parts means very few things go wrong.
Efficiency, Very low parasitic drag means more of your engines HP going to the water.
Speed, Low drag design means the boat is getting maximum efforts of your engine horse power.
Fuel Mileage, With a 30% speed increase, you can go 30% faster at the same engine rpm which translates into better fuel mileage for your boat.
Lower Maintenance, With fewer moving parts than conventional propulsion systems, typical maintenance is down to 200 hour oil changes and electrolysis anode replacements.