The #6 comes in right and left hand rotation with the following gear reduction/overdrive options: 1:1, 1.32:1 and 1.57:1

The ASD6 comes in choice of Bronze or Aluminum. In-Line model not shown here yet… Note: The Arneson Borg-Warner 1721 model looks exactly like the unit shown. The name “Arneson Borg-Warner” is cast into the Thrust Tube below the trim cylinder. This is important to know when ordering spare parts.


#7 (1600)

These drives were the predecessor to the #8 Drop Box Drives. The drop box has 16″ centers hence the term 1600 is cast into the drop box. If you have an Express Cat, odds are there are the drives that are on you boat.

The 1600 combines an aluminum 16″ centerline drop box assembly with the 1721 Thrust Tube assembly made of bronze. The propeller shaft is the same as the 1721 and some came with the short 4″ hub other the long 6″ hub. The reduction ratio’s are non adjustable, meaning a 1.32:1 box cannot be made into a 1.5:1 and vice versa.  These are good reliable units, parts are still available.



#8 In-Line Unit. Made in Bronze for Strength and corrosion resistance. Used with reduction gear on marine engines for rotation and torque.


#8 16″ Drop Box

#8-6 Drop Box Unit. Made of Almag Aluminum for light weight and corrosion resistance, the newest Arneson Surface Drive brings new features to the line of drives. The #8-6 has RH or LH rotation standard, removing the need to counter rotate an engine. The #8-6 has a smaller drop center distance allowing the engine to be mounted lower in the boat, placing the CG in a more ideal location for better handling and turning. The #8-6 comes in 1:1, 1.25:1 1.32:1, 1.56:1 and 1.625:1 reduction/overdrive ratio’s.



The #8 10″ Drop box is made in Almag and the 10″ drop center box has the following reduction/overdrive options: 1:1, 1.1:1, 1.21:1, 1.32:1, 1.41:1, 1.53:1, and 1.61:1. Units can be mounted vertical or at 31° or 52° angles to alter the propshaft centerline. There are three propeller shaft spline options for the #8. 19 tooth, 25 tooth and the Mercury SSM#6 26 tooth spline. Any of these will fit the #8 Drives.

There are two rudder options for the #8, the single fin, as shown in the #8 In-Line and the Dual Fin shown in this photo.


#10 Inline Drive Unit

The #10 has a 2,000 lb torque rating. These drive models rely upon the reduction and propeller rotation being handled by the marine gear.



The #12 is made in Bronze and has a torque rating of 4,800 lbs of input torque. The rudder fin is removable for easy boot changes. The reduction and rotation change come from the marine gear in the boat.



The #14 is made in Bronze and has a 8,000 lb torque rating. The fin is removable for easy boot changes.



The #16 is made in choice of Bronze or Almag. The unit has a 16,500 lb torque rating. Steering fin is removable for easy boot changes.

What Arneson Industries Can Do For You
Reliability, Very few moving parts means very few things go wrong.
Efficiency, Very low parasitic drag means more of your engines HP going to the water.
Speed, Low drag design means the boat is getting maximum efforts of your engine horse power.
Fuel Mileage, With a 30% speed increase, you can go 30% faster at the same engine rpm which translates into better fuel mileage for your boat.
Lower Maintenance, With fewer moving parts than conventional propulsion systems, typical maintenance is down to 200 hour oil changes and electrolysis anode replacements.